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Colonel Fawcett's Lost City of Z

Welcome to my website where you will find lots of information about Colonel Percy Fawcett and his expedition into the Amazon Jungle in 1925 to look for a Lost City he named Z, and was never seen or heard from again.

The last sign of Fawcett was on May 29, 1925 when he telegraphed his wife that he was ready to go into unexplored territory with Jack and Raleigh Rimmell. They were reported to be crossing the Upper Xingu, a south-eastern tributary of the Amazon River. They would be entering the domain of hostile indians that would certainly have included tribes of cannibals. The Fawcett expedition was not expected back until 1927, and when they failed to reappear out of the jungle it caught the public's attention and the newspapers soon started speculation on what could have happened to them. I have posted some of the original newspaper reports written after his disappearance.

When Colonel Percy Fawcett failed to reappear the rumours started. Perhaps the colonel had lost his mind or his memory and lived out his life as the chief of a tribe of cannibals, or held captive against his wishes by Indians. I have compiled a report of some rumoured sightings and information about the lost explorers. Colonel Fawcett 'Sightings'

Colonel Fawcett seems to have been heavily influenced that a Lost City existed in the unexplored regions of the Amazon jungle after reading an old document he found in the library archives at Rio de Janeiro in 1920. Labelled Manuscript 512, it arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 1754 and is about a Portuguese expedition into the Amazon interior in 1743. I have posted an article with images and an English translation of Manuscript 512

Colonel Fawcett's final written words, dated 29th May 1925, were to his wife Nina Fawcett. Last Fawcett Letter

I first became interested in the Fawcett story about 12 years ago and started writing a novel about it, details of which you can find on this website. It is now available for Kindle and ePub formats.

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