I used to be a plasterer by profession. When video players became popular I opened a video film rental shop and also sold computers games and was the first shop in the UK to rent out computer games. I set up and ran a paintball game called Combat Arena and received top marks when it was reviewed by a popular paintball Magazine. I then bought and ran a Dorset pub/hotel/nightclub with my family, which was then sold after 5 years of building up the business.

In 1997 I heard about the Rennes-le-Château Mystery from a TV documentary hosted by Henry Lincoln. It concerned a 19th century priest, Bérenger Saunière (1852-1917), who found a parchment hidden in his church by a previous priest, that then led him to discover something that turned him from a penniless priest into a wealthy man. Furthermore, the story is that before his death in 1917, he hid clues in the decorations of his church leading to what he had discovered that made him rich, and also a great treasure. The Knights Templar had been present in the area around Rennes-le-Château so the priest's wealth has been linked to their lost treasure the King of France failed to find when he had them all arrested in 1307. When the documentary had finished, I researched the Saunière mystery and soon decided I would visit the small French village of Rennes-le-Château to have a look for myself. There was a treasure to be found after all. All of my research, including my hoaxed discoveries, is included in my first non-fiction book about Rennes-le-Château Mystery, LOST TOMB OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. It also, includes details of my hoaxed discoveries- the mummified body of Mary Magdalena and chests of gold, which were featured in a documentary movie called BLOODLINE THE MOVIE and had a cinema release in America. My research and photographs have also featured in many documentaries, including those by the BBC, the Discovery and History channel.
I also wrote a two part novel based on my research, BEGINNINGS and THE PRIEST'S SECRET, which have become international best sellers.

Before I become interested in the Rennes-le-Château Mystery, I was busy researching the fate of Colonel Fawcett, the Victorian adventurer who entered the Amazon jungle to search for a lost city he had named Z, and was never seen again. Some of my research photographs were used in a documentary about Colonel Fawcett.
I was inspired by the fascinating tale of the lost explorer, his reasons for believing a fabulous lost city of stone existed in the remotest unexplored regions of the mysterious Amazon jungle, and the legends that soon surrounded his disappearance, I wrote a two part novel about him. AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Book 1 - Journey to the Lost City, Book 2 - The Lost City of Z.

I just completed my research into America's first serial killer, H. H. Holmes. It is a macabre but fascinating story. Holmes even constructed a Murder Factory to dispose of his many victims. I have put together in one publication all of the 'source documents' that includes the book written by the Detective in charge of the investigation and his hunt for the missing children. THE HUNT FOR H. H. HOLMES AND THE TRIAL OF AMERICA'S FIRST SERIAL KILLER. Published 1896 (non-fiction Illustrated) Also included are Holmes Confessions and the 1886 book about Holmes Murder Castle. All of the included books are the complete unabridged versions with illustrations.
I am currently writing a novel about H. H. Holmes, which should be completed by November 2014.

All of my books are available from my websites, or your Amazon and Kobo.


An exciting, and at times very funny, real life clue solving treasure hunt that leads to a lost tomb that may be of Knights Templar origin. Complete with a mummified corpse and chests of gold. 10/10 Read More Here

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