Brad Pitt no longer starring in 'Lost City of Z.' Who should take his place?

by Kate Ward

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Brad Pitt Colonel Fawcett Beard

Image Credit: Jon Furniss/ - Brad Pitt’s poor chin.

The actor, who was reportedly growing this oft-ridiculed beard for his role as Col. Percy Fawcett in the adaptation of David Grann’s The Lost City of Z, has bowed out of starring in the picture, his rep confirms with EW. Pitt, who will continue to produce the picture with his production company, Plan B, was attached to topline the film, but had to drop out in order to film the zombie flick World War Z. (Despite reports, Pitt’s involvement in Cogan’s Trade has no bearing on the actor’s inability to star in Lost City of Z.) “Brad would have liked to do Lost City of Z,” his rep told EW. “Brad is passionate about [director] James Gray and producing this project and is committed to seeing Lost City of Z made this year.”

Well, shoot. This news — brought to you, apparently, by the letter Z — is disappointing, considering how 1) Pitt, a fine actor with experience in the outdoors, radiates the kind of stealth needed to play the explorer, who disappeared after trudging into the Amazon in hopes of locating a mysterious, hidden golden city, and 2) I can’t imagine that facial hair working for any other actor. (In fact, did Fawcett check the mysterious beard itself to see if that’s where Z has been hiding?) Since Pitt is out, however, let’s start brainstorming other possibilities. Christian Bale is always a good back-up, since the guy could convincingly play a carrot (not before the method actor plants himself in the dirt to get pecked by rabbits for several weeks, though), but reading Grann’s fascinating page-turner, I always pictured a more robust actor like Jeff Bridges, whose excitement is so contagious, you’d expect many less experienced poor souls to follow him into the Amazon. Or should it be a post-vacation Jon Stewart? Billy Gibbons?

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Brad Pitt Won't Be Searching For The Lost City Of Z
By George 'El Guapo' Roush on November 04, 2010

Brad Pitt Won't Be Searching For The Lost City Of Z The Lost City of Z, a book I've been reading for the last six months and can't seem to find the time to finish, about the true adventures of Col. Percy Fawcett and his quest to find a legendary Amazonian city, was going to have Brad Pitt as its lead for quite some time.

Looks like that's not happening according to the NYmag:

The Lost City of Z has lost its star: Brad Pitt will no longer be starring in Paramount Pictures’ planned adaptation of the non-fiction book by New Yorker staff writer David Grann about the quest to find the infamous El Dorado. Pitt was to have played Col. Percy Fawcett, who led a 1925 expedition into the wilds of Brazil, only to vanish as inexplicably as the golden Amazonian city he was seeking. Insiders tell Vulture the issue was an impasse with Paramount over compensation for Lost City's director James Gray (The Yards, We Own the Night).

Since Brad has already signed on to do Cogan's Trade, it appears as if Paramount will have to continue hunting for its leading man. I hear they like Chris Pine a lot over there.

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Brad Pitt attached to zombie pic 'World War Z'
by Adam Markovitz
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Brad Pitt is attached to star in the big-screen adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z, according to MTV News. The zombie apocalypse film, slated for a summer 2012 release, will be directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) from a script by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (Lions for Lambs). Paramount has also optioned Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks.


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