The plot is a simple one, when news of the location of Colonel Fawcett's journal reaches the civilised world, a team is put together to travel to the Amazon Jungle to retrieve it and act on any information they find written on its pages. The belief is that it will contain a map charting the Fawcett expedition's route through the jungle from Dead Horse Camp and perhaps even to the Lost City they were looking for.

The story begins at Dead Horse Camp (Read Prologue 1) and then switches to the present day when fresh news about the 1925 expedition comes to light. (Read Prologue 2) A newspaper agrees to fund the expedition and a team is put together.

Main Expedition Team members:

Sam Fawcett - Great-great grandson of Percy Fawcett
Kate Raleigh - Great-great granddaughter of Raleigh Rimmell's sister
Tim Sizemore – Newspaper journalist
Matt Decker – Cameraman and communications expert. Works for Quest World TV
Professor Davis – Archaeologist from Oxford. - An expert on Amazonian culture
Sara Garratt – Doctor and entomologist. (Insect specialist.)
Rashaad – Crewman

Captain Morgan – Amazonian guide – American – Most people think his name is Morgan and he captains a boat, but it is a nickname that comes from his fondness of the same named Rum. He has lived in Brazil for nine years and was a guide on a previous expedition where two of the team died. He owns his own river boat and earns his living transporting goods and passengers to the remote villages along the river. Fluent in many of the Amazonian jungle's Indians languages, it is his responsibility to arrange everything for the Amazonian part of the trip. He will also guide them to the location where the journal can be found, and if appropriate follow Fawcett's trail to the Lost City and then back out again. He has a crew of six Chiquitana Indians.

Thiago - A burly Brazilian who had been born in the lawless shanty slums that surround São Paulo. He had committed his first murder aged twelve and had become a hired killer at fourteen. Over the next few years he had climbed his way up through the ranks of the slum’s drug dealing hierarchy. At the age of twenty-eight, he had murdered the man at the top of the food chain to take his place. Thiago becomes involved in the expedition while looking for safe passage out of Sao Paulo after he kills three federal police officers during his violent escape from custody.

Other main characters:
Gerry  - Quest World TV Director

Samuel Richardson - Daily Globe’s editor

Manaco - A black Brazilian who grow up in the slums with Thiago and his only trusted friend.

Vincenzo - Chief of the federal police. He is corrupt and a bigger criminal than those he is supposed to arrest. With the high percentage of murders and the seemly unchecked freedom of the drug traffickers in the city, his superiors demand he makes some arrests. He sets up a drug deal with Thiago and arrests him. After Thiago escapes he swears revenge. He will kill Thiago, but first he has to find him.

And more exciting characters that will remain a surprise s0 as not to spoil the story.

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