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Colonel Fawcett Colonel Percy Fawcett Background Information
Dead Horse Camp The fate of the Fawcett Expedition
Mystery Fawcett 'Sightings'
Fawcett Dossiers Original Colonel Percy Fawcett Documents
Colonel Percy Fawcett is Alive News cutting Colonel Percy Fawcett is Alive 1932 Newspaper Article
Manhunt in the Jungle Movie MANHUNT IN THE JUNGLE - Movie based on the book by George M. Dyott
English translation of Manuscript 512 English translation of MANUSCRIPT 512
Colonel Percy Fawcett Expedition Map Last words from the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett plus Large Maps of Colonel Fawcett's Amazon Jungle Expeditions
Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett's Altimeter

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett's Altimeter found - includes photo

Has the Grave or Bones of Colonel Percy Fawcett been found?

Original Newspaper Articles about Colonel Percy Fawcett, Jack Fawcett and Raleigh Rimmel, their Disappearance, Sightings and Rescue Attempts
Colonel Percy Fawcett's Signet Ring Colonel Percy Fawcett's Signet Ring

Colonel Percy Fawcett Related Articles and News Items

My Fawcett Amazon Adventure Blog

Has Colonel Fawcett's Giant Snake been found?

Veil lifts on jungle mystery of the colonel who vanished

The Rennes le Chateau Mystery

Lost Amazon Complex Found: Shapes Seen by Satellite

Archaeologists study signs of ancient civilization in Amazon basin

Expedition uncovers ancient citadel in Peruvian jungle

The Lost City of Z: A legendary British explorer’s deadly quest to uncover the secrets of the Amazon

Explorations of the Highlands of Brazil: With a Full Account of the Gold & Diamond Mines by Richard Burton

A collection of news stories and articles about discoveries of Lost Cities, El Dorado and Cultures in the Amazon Jungle

Benedict Allen talks about Colonel Fawcett

Indiana Jones meets Colonel Percy Fawcett in the Amazon Jungle

Colonel Fawcett's Dinosaur


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